Writing & editing

Preparing written material professionally is a specialised skill & a key to achieving results. We have extensive experience writing commercial copy in a variety of styles & for a variety of audiences.

  • Feature articles
  • Technical manuals & instructional material
  • Ghostwriting
  • Media releases & publicity material
  • Corporate newsletters & updates for business stakeholders.

Editing can add value by improving the language & accessibility of information.

“Book editing is like a Chinese meal – theoretically it can continue indefinitely. The 1st essential is to know where to start; the 2nd is to know where to stop.”
– Nicholas Hudson


If you’re excited about a publishing project, but don’t have the time or writing experience to put your words down on a page, we can help. Let’s discuss the best format for your ideas. Given a clear and susbstantial idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it, we can … Continue reading Ghostwriting

Writing for the web

Websites are a unique medium. They use words, like print, but they’re interactive. Words need to be employed differently. How is writing for the web different? People read differently (or more accurately, don’t read) online. Research has found people scan the screen looking for the next link to click. Interactivity means users are task driven. … Continue reading Writing for the web

Editing & proofreading

Copy editing is the process of checking the punctuation, grammar, spelling, appropriateness of language use & clarity of a text. Whether your text is a 60,000 word book or a 10-page newsletter, copy editing can add value by improving the language & accessibility of information as well as ensuring accuracy & professional standards. The process … Continue reading Editing & proofreading