We expect websites to always be up to date with current information.

Rather than take a ‘launch & leave’ approach, successful sites recognise the need for ongoing evaluation & regular updates.


If you want to be empowered to make your own content updates I can provide instructions. With workplace training qualifications, I can also tailor some simple training to your needs.

Why not invest a little time in learning to update or how best market your site, set goals and track its progress?

A WYSIWYG visual editor tool

I’m happy to provide free advice – contact me to discuss your needs.

Or I can manage your content via a helpdesk arrangement – making an agreed number of changes for you over an agreed period of time.

Web standards

Do something for long enough & you’ll rack up an impressive list of mistakes.

Keep a list of your mistakes so they never happen twice & you’re on your way to developing standards.

I’ve created various checklists based on over 15 years of web content management work & taking into account other standards from Government & the world wide web consortium.

It’s quite reasonable to make decisions about what standards you aspire to meet with your site, based on business needs. But don’t leave boxes unchecked by accident.

From W3C accessibility guidelines, including colour contrasts, alt tags, labels, text alternatives & more, to checking http status codes, duplicate content or page title issues & other search engine friendly standards, I can help make sure your site ticks every box.