Digital marketing

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.’
– Pablo Picasso



Search engine referalls provide the majority of traffic for most websites. And despite increasing sophistication in the goals & KPIs we set for our sites, traffic usually underpins most of them. There are 2 basic ways to generate search traffic: Organic search results using search engine optimisation Paid search – running ads that appear with search results … Continue reading SEO & SEM


Despite all the excitement about social media, it seems the majority of people still want to get their marketing via email. So email newsletters are still a hugely important business tool. Emails are easy, right? Like anything involving technology, the landscape is always changing. Here’s a few things to keep in mind for managing an email … Continue reading e-mail

Social media

Social media can suck up an enormous amount of time. And if you don’t have a clear strategy, it can produce very little tangible returns. At the same time, its use is pervasive and companies such as Facebook have collected so much personal data on users that you can target very specific niche audiences to … Continue reading Social media

Campaign tracking

It’s easy to get data on the performance of your website or specific marketing campaigns. The challenge is drawing actionable insights from the mountains of data available. Segmenting the data to look at specific groups of visitors is a key to gleaning simple insights. By creating customised reports focused on the specific goals you’ve set … Continue reading Campaign tracking