It’s easy to get data on the performance of your website or specific marketing campaigns. The challenge is drawing actionable insights from the mountains of data available.

Segmenting the data to look at specific groups of visitors is a key to gleaning simple insights. By creating customised reports focused on the specific goals you’ve set (& I can help you set some) you’ll soon have a clearer understanding of how your website is used.

Like compound interest in the bank, once you start identifying areas for improvement & actually implementing some changes, then closing the circle & evaluating again, incremental changes can soon add up to significant gains.

Remembering to use UTM tracking codes in your email & online advertising campaigns & appropriate tags for Pay Per Click ads ensures you will capture all the data you need.

I can help in establishing your analytics set-up & work with you to create KPIs for your site. Then we can customise & automate regular reports to periodically discuss together. Out of this process should come a greater understanding of where your site is at & what needs to change to get where you want to take it.