Developmental edits

If, as a new author, trying to get started feels a bit like fumbling around in the dark, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Producing a large document with lots of information requires careful thought to structure & organisation.

Jigsaw puzzlePiecing together a book or a large report is a very different skill to simply writing an interesting paragraph.

If you haven’t walked this path before, it’s natural to get lost & wander off track.

  • Where do you begin?
  • How can you ensure your style is consistent?
  • Where does the topic start & finish?
  • Will you need to prepare several drafts?
  • How can you make the information flow without jumping back & forth?

I can help you to map out a plan, using sequential groups of ideas as stepping stones to keep your structure on track.

Once you’ve put together a detailed template of ideas – each leading into the next & taking your reader through your topic – all that will remain will be to flesh out this skeleton structure in your own words.

Discussing your ideas with an experienced editor before you start can make the process a lot easier. And constructive feedback & corrections on early drafts can help to transform your ideas into a finished product that publishers & clients will more easily consume.