Copy edits

What exactly is copy editing, and why do you need it?

Glasses and a dictionaryCopy editing is the process of checking the punctuation, grammar, spelling, appropriateness of language use & clarity of a text.

Whether your text is a 60,000 word book or a 10-page newsletter, copy editing can add value by improving the language & accessibility of information as well as ensuring accuracy & professional standards.

The process

  • The 1st step is a thorough briefing, which will include details of your timeframe & budget. Once we understand your purpose & expectations we can assess the text & offer suggestions.
  • We’ll run macros to eliminate common errors & to make other useful global changes.
  • We’ll then do a quick on-screen edit to remove grammatical errors whilst making note of any style & content issues that need to be discussed.
  • We’ll print out a hardcopy & read through it carefully to correct errors & inconsistencies whilst marking up any points for discussion.
  • Where appropriate we’ll prepare page proofs & discuss problems with the author.
  • Finally, we’ll enter any author changes into the file & print out another copy to check that changes were all entered cleanly.