With the Android app store recently surpassing iPhone for downloads, this week I got a new phone & spent a lot of spare time coming to terms with its features. Which has prompted me to share a favourite video.  

As a self-confessed late adopter, but close watcher of new technologies, I was always going to be on the Android side in the great debate – Android vs iPhone.

The open source Operating System (OS) & removal of many of the developer & app hurdles that Apple has in place – to protect its exclusivity – make the Android the obvious ‘people’s choice’ – it was always going reach a wider market. Many mobile carriers have picked up & customised the basic operating system (e.g. HTC, Motorola, Samsung).

Much like Macs vs PCs in the battle for desktop loyalties, Apple has innovated & others imitated, until they inevitably caught up & at lower price points.

It’s interesting the fanaticism that Apple generates in its users. And the incomprehension this produces in less brand-addicted consumers.

Which prompts me to the real purpose of this post – an excuse to share this video. (Apologies for language & to Apple users!)

Android vs iPhone

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