Terms & conditions

To work with us is to accept the following conditions:

  • Some parts of your project may be outsourced. We have contacts that we use for specialist work or to help us meet timelines. Clients can be put in contact with contractors if appropriate.
  • If you choose to have parts of your project done by specific businesses (printers, designers, etc.) it’s your responsibility to ensure they meet your needs.
  • You must take responsibility for taking the time to carefully check that you’re happy with any proofs as requested and to respond to any queries. It’s also important to include proofreading as a final step, after all other aspects of a project have been signed off.
  • Clients take responsibility for the factual accuracy of their work & for ensuring material doesn’t breach any laws, such as copyright or defamation. We do not accept any legal responsibility for the content of your publication. If in doubt, seek legal advice.
  • If quotes are provided, they’re subject to change should the amount of work understood to be involved in a project be altered after work begins.
  • Absolute perfection & 100% accuracy can never be guaranteed. If mistakes are found that we could be reasonably expected to have corrected, we’ll update the files and resupply them. No further liability is accepted.
  • It’s the client’s responsibility to keep electronic files needed for updates or reprints of material. These will be supplied on completion of each project.